Thursday, March 1, 2012

Los Angeles Church Planting

God has been growing New City Church of LA and I believe we have become an inclusive gospel-centered community here in downtown.  But our vision is not just for downtown.  We want to spur a church planting movement in Los Angeles so that there is a gospel driven church in every neighborhood in Metro Los Angeles.  There are 114 neighborhoods in the City of LA and with the surrounding Metro LA communities, there are about 200 neighborhoods.  Some of these neighborhoods are as small as 10,000 and some are as large as 220,000 people.  We want to plant a neighborhood church that brings people together in every neighborhood, that becomes the light of Jesus in that neighborhood, that preaches the good news of Jesus in that neighborhood, and that becomes good news by serving that neighborhood.

We are going to do this in partnership with Stadia, a non-denominational church planting organization. They have committed to put in $50,000 per every church plant with LA CPN.

God has blessed this vision.  We have put together 10 churches so far that are committed to this vision.  We are calling it the Los Angeles Church Planting Network.  The churches that have committed to this vision are:

New City Church of LA
Christian Assembly
Shepherd of the Hills
Discovery Church
Real Life Church
First Christian Church of Newbury Park
Knott Ave Church
Diamond Canyon Church
Park Ave Church
Huntington Beach Christian Church

I believe we are just getting started.  We are talking to more churches and more individuals.  If you know churches that might be interested, please let me know.  Among these churches, we have raised over $240,000 for the first church plant (including Stadia's contribution).  And we are on our way to raising the money needed to plant the second church plant.  Our goal is to plant 1-2 churches every year.

Please keep this in your prayers!

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