Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fuller Theological Seminary Job Opportunity

Fuller Theological Seminary is looking for a part-time person to coordinate the new Church Planting Certificate program. Spanish and Korean speakers are a high priority.  Please see the Job Description below for specific details.

Program Coordinator
Church Planting Certificate Program
Job Description – Half Time Position
Fuller Theological Seminary
School of Intercultural Studies
1.     All applicants must be able to affirm and support Fuller’s Community Standards.
2.     MDiv or MA in Theology or Intercultural Studies required in addition to experience in missionary or pastoral work with experience in church planting. DMin or DMiss preferred.
3.     Strong interpersonal skills and administrative competence.
4.     Self-starter and creative thinker.
5.     Fluent in English and Spanish preferred.
6.     Competent in using word processing, Powerpoint, Excel and willing to learn to use Moodle.

It is the job of the Church Planting Program Coordinator (PC) to oversee the (1) planning, (2) implementation, (3) promotion/recruitment, and (4) review of the SIS Church Planting Certificate Program. The Church Planting Program is made up of one retreat and 6 courses taught in a hybrid model that meet three times a year for one week.
1. Planning:
·      The location, timing, and local arrangements for each of the courses are the responsibility of the PC in consultation with the Advisory Board. All final decisions will be approved by the Dean of SIS.
·      The PC will keep an up to date list of all faculty and resource people involved in the Certificate Program. Resumes, subject areas, and contact information will be kept current.
·      The PC will plan each of the courses in consultation with the Advisory Board.
·      An annual retreat for each new cohort (fall) will be planned by the PC in consultation with the Advisory Board. This retreat begins the educational sequence (in conjunction with the touchstone course) focusing on spiritual formation, character formation and personal assessment.
2. Implementation:
·      The PC will oversee three courses a year[1] (Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer) and one retreat for faculty and resource people. All arrangements, scheduling, payments and other details are the responsibility of the PC.
·      In addition to implementing the one-week courses and retreats, the PC will also maintain good relations with our faculty and resource people throughout the year.
3. Promotion and Recruitment:
·      The PC will represent SIS and Fuller at major church planting events to promote the certificate program. Travel may involve four to eight conferences a year.
·      The PC will monitor the Fuller Theological Seminary website to make sure that information on the Church Planting Program is current and easy to find.
·      The PC will liaise with the Admissions Office and the Vice President for Communications and Marketing. It is the responsibility of the PC, working with the Advisory Board, the Admissions Office and the Office of Marketing, to ensure that each year the cohort is filled (35 students).
4. Review:
·      The PC will collect and summarize the course evaluations and will also receive evaluations from the local hosts (when the course is not held in Pasadena) and from the teacher’s resource people (church planting practicioners).
·      In light of the evaluations, the PC will recommend to the Advisory Board changes in the curriculum, teaching, personnel, and locations for the courses.

The Program Coordinator answers to the Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies, and is responsible to work with an Advisory Board in all planning, implementation, and recruitment. The PC will report monthly to the Dean on the progress of promotion, courses, finances, and any reviews or evaluations that have been done. Advisory Board meetings will be held two times a year and the PC will provide reports and solicit guidance for the ongoing program for each of these meetings.

[1] After the first year there will be six courses a year since the program is a two year program.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Intentional / Missional Apartment Complex Living Opportunity

Apartment Life is looking for teams of two (a family, married couple or two single adults) in your area who want to partner with us in reaching people living in nearby apartments.

-    Organize events
-    Love your neighbors
-    Build relationships
-    Share the Gospel

-    A monthly financial investment
-    An average of 10-12 hours a week

-    Substantially discounted rent on a two-bedroom apartment
-    Eternal rewards - new friends and the joy of serving Christ

Contact Pastor Kevin directly at
He has an inside track for anyone interested. There is one opening in Koreatown now!