Friday, October 31, 2014

Need musicians for new band (LA)

compensation: no pay
Hi. I am a singer/songwriter/pianist looking to form a band to play my original songs.

Let me tell you a little bit about the sound I want to produce:
- acoustic, acoustic, acoustic (NO rock AT ALL)
- acoustic guitar
- drums (again, NO hard rock)
- bass guitar
- background vocals
- background synth pad (keys)

The following would be nice:
- oboe
- flute
- fiddle

My songs are classic-sounding with MELODY. They don't sound like the current stuff. I've been told they are really good/great (hard to brag on myself, but just want to let you know the level of musicianship here).

My music is mostly:
- songs that are blatantly about the Lord
- songs that are "love songs" that I wrote for the Lord but could be taken as "just" love songs to anyone
- country

98% of my songs are slow to mid-tempo. I don't care if you are a Christian or not.

If this sounds like it's what you like to hear/play and be a part of, email me! Thanks!

There's no pay for now - we would simply get together and play - read through my songs and then perfect them FOR THE JOY OF IT! I think you will be happy you decided to join. :)

Eventually, would like to get into the studio and record my songs with my new band. That's when the money happens. :)

Can send you links to my music.