Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Male LA Transplant Looking for Help

"I sure could use some help!  I have wanted to re-locate to LA for 3 yrs.  I have no contacts out there/I would need some place to stay while I locate a job/perm. residence.   I have included a photo of my self /and  personal info. that should be helpful so you know who is contacting you. I  am gainfully employed in Pgh./ but the winters are too much for me!   The climate/warm winters/excitement of LA would be good for me.  I feel I'm going to need help to relocate to LA. You can pass this info. on to anyone/or organiz. that you feel could help!"

John Welsh
301 3rd. Avenue
Room 1221
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
P.O. Box 2289
Cell-412-872-8092  Home-412-765-2532
Reference: Deb/Bld. Manager.-412-765-2532