Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sublet Available immediately

Sublet a single room in an apartment with 2 Christian gentlemen. Rent $750 per month. Please contact Luke

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello, my name is Abigail. I am looking for a host family in the Los Angeles area. In hopes of serving and growing in the Lord, it is my desire to connect with a Christian family in Los Angeles. I am 18 and have just graduated from high school. I've grown up in a Methodist Church with a wonderful church family, and I was adopted from South Korea when I was 9 months old, but did not learn the language. I am interested in learning Spanish.
I am looking for employment, and an event planning job would be great. This is my field of interest. I would not forgo an opportunity of volunteer work.
Please feel free to call/text my phone number at (269-953-6630). If someone wants to find me on Instagram, my username is danceabbs2016.  Thanks in advance Abigail Smith.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Marina's Cleaning Service Now Hiring

New to LA - need help finding a room to rent!

My names Brandon Tucker and I'll be moving to LA next week and in desperate need of a room to rent. If you by chance know of anyone who is looking for a roommate in a safe neighborhood, it doesn't mater if it's in a house or apartment, please let me know.

A little about me:

I'm 25 years old and moving from the San Francisco Bay Area (just moved here 6 months ago from Denver). I'm moving to LA to start my career in filmmaking. I want to be a writer/ director and want to inspire people about God and the love of Jesus through the art of film. I know this will take some time, but that's what I ultimately want to do.

I'm a really nice, genuine kind of guy who is kind, respectful and polite. I'm on fire for Jesus and can't wait to start this next season in LA.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you. You can contact me at

- Brandon Tucker

Looking for Housing in LA


My name is Josh and I am looking for Housing in LA.

I am looking for housing $900 or under.
I am looking to move-in ASAP and move out at the end of December as I am getting married.
I am looking to move into the Culver City, WeHo, NoHo, Venice, Santa Monica. I’m down for really anywhere.
Please contact me via text or call at (920) 948-8016.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Looking for Male Roommate for Room Share in Spacious Glendale Apartment

Looking for a guy in need of a place and interested in a room share.  The shared room would be $630/month or you could share the master bedroom for $790/month.  The apt. is 1450 sq. ft. and comes with a washer/dryer in unit, central air, dishwasher/trash disposal, parking garage, gym, courtyard with grill, and is walking distance from the Americana, Galleria, coffee shops, restaurants, and stores.  Nice, clean, and upscale area with a lot of accessibility.  Please contact me at  Thanks!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hi! My name is Kara Barosi, I'm 23 and interested in temporary housing! A little about me: I was a Resident Advisor in college where I was responsible for the well-being of 20 residents. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SUNY Oneonta in 2014 and am currently a Substitute Teacher. I also worked in Yosemite National Park last May-October. I love outdoor activities like climbing and running, but I also like watching movies, reading and drawing. I am very friendly, flexible and organized, but I can also keep to myself and am very easy going. I do not have any pets or any physical/ mental ailments or allergies, and do not smoke.
I can move in the second week of July, and could potentially stay longer as a roommate! If you’re interested in having me as a roommate, please contact me via Facebook: “Kara Barosi,” or email: Thank you!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Looking for Temporary Housing for Azusa Now Conference

I am looking to see if there's anybody in the downtown LA area that will be attending Azusa Fest Azusa now and possibly the leaders luncheon on Friday. I am willing to sleep on a couch or floor. I am 54 and a female. I have brought all kinds of snacks and protein bars so I don't need someone to feed me. I am excited about participating in all that God is doing and would really love to be with someone who is also excited about participating and all the Azusa events as well. But I am also willing to stay where ever is available and try to work out arrangements for travel. 
My cell phone number is 603 398 6489. Thank you so much. Laura

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Visiting Los Angeles - Looking for Housing


I am thinking of visiting Los Angeles in June this year and staying for a few weeks. I was looking at accommodation but, apart from a dormitory in a hostel, it is very expensive. I was wondering if any of your congregation would be interested in letting me stay with them as it would be good to stay with a real American family rather than in some anonymous hotel room.
Also, it would be good to see an American church and see how they are like British ones.
Of course, I would be very happy to provide payment, which might help with the budget. And I might cook an English meal or two, although cooking is not my greatest strength. I am clean and tidy and very quiet.
A little about myself.
I am a 50 year old Englishman and would be travelling by myself. I currently work for Barclays bank dealing with Payment Protection Insurance compensation claims. Which is quite complicated. I have saved up my leave and would like to see a bit of the world. I am a big reader and that is why I would like to visit Los Angeles as I have read so many thrillers set in LA that I would like to see it for myself. It is probably nothing like how it is depicted in the thrillers but I’d still like to see it.
More importantly, I have no criminal record (I don’t think Homeland Security even let you in now if you have a criminal record) and have a certificate from May 2015 showing I have no criminal record. I do not do drugs, smoke and only drink occasionally – although I do enjoy a pint of craft ale.
I am a Christian and am a regular attendee at Elm Hall Drive Methodist Church in south Liverpool. I help to run a café there, help with a Bible Study group and am used for the ‘heavy lifting’ – moving all the tables and chair etc. Having worked in customer services, I get on well with most people.
Please find attached a recent picture.
Anyway, I hope to hear from you and if you want any more information, please get in touch.
Ed Deighton